【0316】Panic attack and treatment in German

Q:   I am very sorry to write you in English. My PC can read Japanese, but can not write Japanese.
I am 39 years old woman, have been living in Germany for about 10 years.
Since beginning of this year I have had following symptoms in specified places.
In a car, tram, beauty salon and department stores I get strong palpitations, cold sweating, difficulty in breathing and nausea etc..
Especially in a traffic jam I always get a feeling of " itemo tattemo irarenai " and run out of a car.
At first I did not know what has happened with me, and I went to my home doctor, an internist.
He could not find anything wrong from the results of my checkup.
So he told me that the stress must be the cause of these symptoms, and he forwarded me to a psychiatrist-and psychotherapist.
In the meantime I found your homepage and thought that I have a Panic Attack.
I suppose, the therapist understood which problem I have. 
However actually it is not easy for me to talk in German about such a complicated matter. It makes me nervous and leads to some misunderstandings.
Another problem is that the national health insurance in Germany does not cover this kind of therapy.
I do not have enough income to get a private insurance which covers the therapy.
I must always think about the bills and thus I can not concentrate on the conversation with the therapist.
The therapist will give me just counseling, but not medicine. 
As my Panic Attack is getting worse, I asked my mother to send me the medicine 
( depas, 0.5mg ) regularly from Japan.
Now I am taking " depas " 2 times a day, in the morning and before going to bed.
When I get an attack, I take 1 more piece additionally. It usually helps me, but I still have anxiety about being in a car, bus or tram.
My mother says that I should come to Japan on my holiday in order to go to doctor.
But I do not know if I can stand up to long flight to Japan.
On the other hand I do not know if it is correct in taking medicine (depas) at my discretion...

: あなたはかなり典型的なパニック障害だと思います。